Bloody hell, look at this shit...

War is good for business.

This is always relevant.

American made bombs at work in Gaza.

A British documentary exposing Zionisms hold on British politics.

Broadcast on 16 November 2009 at 20:00 this episode investigated “one of the most powerful and influential political lobbies in Britain”, the Israel Lobby. The documentary detailed donations to Britain’s MPs and featured the Conservative Friends of Israel. Also covered was the Israel Lobby’s alleged influence on the BBC and other British Media and the programme further claimed that many media outlets were frightened of broaching the lobby. The Conservative MP Michael Mates said: “The pro-Israel lobby … is the most powerful political lobby. There’s nothing to touch them.” Also featured was the Israel Lobby’s funding of ex Prime Minister Tony Blair and the subsequent Cash for Honours scandal. It also mentioned the BBC’s refusal to broadcast the appeal for the Gaza humanitarian crisis in 2009 while broadcasting appeals for other crises.

Prominent Jews and Palestinians and others stand for Palestine in this heartbreaking video with Jonathan Demme, Gloria Steinem, Tony Kushner, Diana Buttu, Chuck D, Eve Ensler, Brian Eno, Roger Waters, Mira Nair, Wallace Shawn, Naomi Klein, Mira Nair, Raj Patel, Noura Erakat and many others. To learn more or take action, visit,